Jailbreaking Apple TV 3 In One Easy Step

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I have been hearing a lot of people talking about the limitations that Apple TV has lately and I want to share with you my experience of jailbreaking Apple TV 3 and why you should do it.

With jailbreaking the system you will be able to:

  • Install VBMX which gives you immediate access to various content streaming sources that aren’t approved by Apple. So you can get rid of your cable package and watch sports channels or stream the latest TV shows online.
  • Play files from a USB stick or external hard drive
  • Allows you to play AVI and MKV file extensions that are not normally supported
  • Install a web browser on your Apple TV
  • User the RemoteHD app and control the TV from your Apple device such as an iPad or an iPhone
  • Get subtitles for any TV show or film in seconds with one click

Quite an impressive list of benefits! The solutions that I am going to offer you will ensure that your Apple TV is jailbroken in minutes and you can experience all these great features. The software that is used for the process works with the latest versions of the iOS as well as the previous ones and included in the cost is options for jailbreaking other Apple devices as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will notice that the sites I will mention are mainly focused towards iPhone’s and iPad’s however they do offer Apple TV jailbreaking services – you just need to search for it. You can find the Apple TV service on iJailbreakPro.com if you scroll down the page and the link looks like this:

Apple TV img 1

How Does it Work?

Apple TV img 2

Overall the process of having your ATV jailbroken is incredibly straightforward. Basically all you need to do is install the software provided, connect your Apple TV to your computer and let the software do what it needs to do. You get support from the business and step by step guides to make the process even simpler.

One thing I have to point out though is that some people take it upon themselves to save money and try and jailbreak Apple TV 3 on their own. Seriously, don’t even attempt it. I did and the results were disastrous – I wiped all the data from the Apple TV including apps and was close to causing permanent damage as well. Using the solutions that I have listed below will jailbreak your Apple TV 3 in a safe manner without running the risk of causing any damage to your device.

The Best Software To Jailbreak Apple TV

Below are the two best pieces of software that I have used to jailbreak Apple TV 3.

Number 1- – iJailbreak Pro (Effective, inexpensive and my number one choice)

I can sum these guys up in just one word: awesome. Their jailbreaking software worked a treat and it took LESS THAN 5 minutes for the whole process to finish. In fact, they way in which it is done means that you can reverse the process as well.

Whilst I used this service for the latest iOS of Apple TV as I have purchased a new system recently, I had used them previously for the older generations and it worked just as well on both systems. Indeed, they keep updating their software with new ATV releases so it never goes out of date and is a fantastic long term solution. I also got my iPhone 5 unlocked with the same package as well!

What I found with iJailbreak Pro was that their support team was absolutely fantastic even with the basic and simple questions I had. No doubt they get bombarded with silly questions all the time but they answered me in a friendly manner so that I understood everything about the process before it took place. After my own terrible attempt at jailbreaking my Apple TV 3 I wanted to be reassured that this was safe, and it was!

I fully believe that the people who run the site just want to make Apple products better. There is no attempt to get extra money out of you with add-ons, no scams or anything like that; they appreciate Apple devices but think they can be improved and the service reflects this.

You can find them here and I really recommend that you check them out.

Number 2 – Jailbreak Unlock (Works but let’s itself down in several areas)

The second business I have had experience with is Jailbreak Unlock and I actually used them for a friends Apple TV that was one of the previous generations. The process worked OK and it did jailbreak the system however I felt they let themselves down in a couple of areas:

  • It took a while for their support team to get back to me. Whilst iJailbreak Pro responded right away, Jailbreak Unlock took nearly 48 hours to answer my initial queries about the process and for me this was a bit too long to wait.
  • Secondly they have removed the Apple TV 3 jailbreak option from their main site however they do still offer it in the member’s area. I’m not sure about their future plans but it seems as though they are phasing this out which doesn’t make it a viable solution for the future.

All in all I didn’t think Jailbreak Unlock were bad and I would choose them if my first choice wasn’t available, but they could do with improving these key areas of service in my opinion.

To Sum Up

I know of other companies that offer similar packages to these two services however, by and large, most businesses focus solely on other Apple devices such as iPhone’s as there is a bigger market for them.

Out of the two solutions I offered I would put my name to iJailbreak Pro based on the review above and because they were the quickest and most professional business I have used. I now have my Apple TV 3 jailbroken which means I have saved money by cancelling my cable package and I can watch premium channels through the device, I can catch up with my TV shows through sites such as 1channel.ch and I benefit from all the other great features too.

I wish you all the best in getting your Apple TV 4 jailbroken because it has worked wonders for me.

Good luck!

Robbie Crowe


What happens after Jailbreaking Apple TV 3?

When you jailbreak your Apple TV 3 device, you are giving yourself access to a large number of new and unique options which make the original version of the device look outdated.

You gain access to a large number of free apps which can be installed without any trouble. You might need to get a little geeky with a few of the apps but a majority of them are easy to install. You will also be able to view a large number of channels and content which isn’t available in the default Apple TV 3. There is even a feature which allows you to pull video and audio from different devices in your home network. And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg when you jailbreak your Apple TV 3.

Once you jailbreak your device, it is recommended that you don’t install any new updates from Apple anymore. If you do so, you will have to go through the whole process of jailbreaking your device again & no one knows how long it will take before a jailbreak is available for the new software. You’d be much better off not taking a chance. You won’t get a micro USB cable with your Apple TV although it is recommended that you keep one around if you’re going to go for an Apple TV 3 jailbreak. The main reason for this is because there are many tethered jailbreaks out there. For a tethered jailbreak to work, you will need a laptop and a micro USB cable so that you can tether boot it. Only then will it work. But there are many untethered jailbreaks out there as well. Either way, keep a micro USB cable just to be safe.

You can pick up an Apple TV 2 quite cheap nowadays and if you are going to jailbreak it you’ll be much better with an Apple TV 2 instead of an Apple TV 3 device. One last thing though, while jailbreaking itself is legal, there are a lot of people who use their jailbroken devices to install repositories of live content which isn’t exactly legal. There is a thin line between jailbreaking and piracy. Don’t ever cross that line.

Also, don’t worry about all the apps you had on your Apple TV before your jailbroke it. Everything will remain exactly the same. The only difference will be the Cydia app which lets you take full advantage of the hardware on the Apple TV. In fact, Apple has a whole document dedicated to the unauthorized modification of their software. If you have any doubts regarding jailbreaking your device, head to this page and have all your doubts put to rest. It’s best that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you actually jailbreak it. And once you know what you’re in for, go for it. After all, you can reset your device if you don’t like what the modification offers.


Apple tv launch’s next week as per Amazon website

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Apple tv launch's next week as per Amazon website

according to Amazon, a new version of the device will become available for purchase on October 23rd. Amazon’s German and French websites both show the Apple TV as out of stock, but they also state that the box will be in stock beginning on October 23rd, one day after the expected apple press conference next week.

Apple tv is one of the most known streaming box available now in the market.
And in the same conference we expect to c the new ipad 5 and ipad mini 2.

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This Tuesday, Apple will make you want to buy an Apple TV for Christmas


“For this coming Tuesday’s event, it seems virtually certain that Apple will announce new iPads (both full size and a new Retina Mini), as well as new MacBook Pros with Haswell chips that will ship with the next version of OS X, Mavericks.,” Kosner writes.

“All three of these, the iPads, the MacBook Pros and OS X, are on a reasonable schedule to match consumer demand.”

“In the long overdue category, however, is the Apple TV. Apple has not released a ‘generation’ update of its “puck” since March of 2012 (it did come out with a minor upgrade in January of this year.) This has put a lot of Apple users, myself included, in the position of not wanting to buy an Apple TV because a new one must be just about to come out. This kind of lame duck gridlock is exactly what Apple tries to avoid with its product roll outs,” Kosner writes. “Three recent bits of news suggest that Apple will announce something significant about Apple TV on Tuesday that I predict will convince me and millions of others to get off the fence and buy one of the cute little $99 devices.”

Originally posted on MacDailyNews:

[cfsp key="google_adsense_300x250"]“Apple is in the enviable position that its customers routinely think about not just if they will upgrade a given product but merely when. So if you are Apple, a big part of your growth strategy is to figure out how to balance a schedule of product updates with improvements that you can actually deliver,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“For this coming Tuesday’s event, it seems virtually certain that Apple will announce new iPads (both full size and a new Retina Mini), as well as new MacBook Pros with Haswell chips that will ship with the next version of OS X, Mavericks.,” Kosner writes. “All three of these, the iPads, the MacBook Pros and OS X, are on a reasonable schedule to match consumer demand.”

“In the long overdue category, however, is the Apple TV. Apple has not released a ‘generation’ update of its “puck” since March…

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Amazon listing may be hinting at new Apple TV at 22nd Oct event

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Amazon’s French and German sites are currently showing the Apple TV as out of stock, with availability “from 23 October,” lending a small amount of weight to suggestions that a new Apple TV will be one of the announcements at Apple’s launch event the day before.

As Engadget notes, Amazon listings are not the most reliable of indicators, as stock levels change all the time for all kinds of reasons, but the availability date is at least an interesting coincidence.

We’ll of course have full coverage on the day.

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